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MACtion officially back as Akron attempts onside kick on the first play of the season

November 05, 2020

College football got off on the wrong foot this year. Late starts, positive COVID tests, and cancelled games have thrown the season into chaos—each week a rudderless grab bag of games with no center; the national picture a stick figure drawing with the sun colored blue and the sky orange. But we have good news, folks. On Wednesday night, MACtion made its triumphant return and in one three-and-a-half hour span it may have singlehandedly saved college football. If you think that’s just internet hyperbole—that it couldn’t have possibly been that good—just watch how Akron decided to, quite literally, kick off their 2020 season.

That’s right: AN ONSIDE KICK ON THE VERY FIRST PLAY OF THE SEASON. Go ahead and check that box on the MACtion bingo board (also check off "incredible play called back for stupid flag," because that happened here too.)

Obviously we can’t overstate the diabolical genius of having your kicker kicking it to himself on the first play of your 2020 season, but that was just the beginning of the MACtion fun for the evening. A Buffalo cornerback puked everywhere after a scoop and score. Announcers were calling kicks that missed by a country mile good live on ESPN. An Ohio offensive lineman named Tittsworth was seen rocking the number 69. It was a veritable MAC Attack out there.

Unfortunately the aforementioned Golden Flashes would go on to get pounded by Western Michigan 58-13. But for that onside kick alone—for the chutzpah, the cojones, and the pure, unbridled moxie it took—they are 1-0 in our our hearts.