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Nothing like a good puke after returning a fumble for a touchdown

November 05, 2020

After a long wait, MACtion returned with a vengeance on the ESPN family of networks Wednesday night. There were turnovers, sloppy special teams play, a surprise onside kick to open a game, plenty of points, a damn power outage (PEAK MACtion), and of course, who could forget, a heaping pile of vomit. 

Yes, we're talkin' literal vomit, not referencing any of the play on the field. In one of the highest scoring games of the night between Buffalo and Northern Illinois, Buffalo returned fumbles for touchdowns on consecutive possessions. That extended the Bulls' lead from five points to 19 in an absolute blink. It all happened very quickly. 

Understandably, the man who returned the second fumble for a TD, cornerback Isaiah King, was absolutely GASSED. He had likely celebrated the first scoop and score with his teammates, then promptly went back on the field and returned one 42 yards himself just two plays into the next drive. When he finally got a chance to catch his breath, he yakked all over the sideline. Happens to the best of 'em, Isaiah:

Normally, King and his squad would be deep into their season by now. But Wednesday night might as well have been September 1st for these MAC teams. King is still getting his sea legs under him, clearly. 

Fortunately for King, Northern Illinois went three and out on its next possession, so he had a bit of an extedned rest. His Bulls went on to win 49-30.