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LIV Golf loses ratings battle to … ‘World’s Funniest Animals’?

February 27, 2023
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Greg Norman (left) and horse

LIV Golf is back. Kind of.

The rival league has returned for its second season with a cavalcade of ex-PGA stars, a fresh sponsor and a new TV network. But, that may not be enough for the viewing public.

Charles Howell III ended up atop the Mayakoba field featuring a plethora of golf greats from Cam Smith to Bryson DeChambeau to Dustin Johnson, and yet the Saudi-backed league did not have a strong showing when it comes to ratings.

With many prime CW affiliates skipping coverage, LIV Golf’s return had a putrid showing for its new network, and with billions and billions of dollars behind the upstart league, this certainly isn’t the start that Greg Norman and company were looking for.

Losing to the PGA Tour in the ratings battle is one thing, but falling to 'World’s Funniest Animals' is certainly not a great look. A clip show of funny animal moments should be beatable for a sports league with its first event presenting a $4 million prize.

To be fair, however, the newest episode of 'World’s Funniest Animals' had “loopy licking, spooky swine, happy horses, curious cats, cool Canines, and a dog who has a special gift for the mail delivery driver. You just can’t pass that up on a Saturday night.