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Showtime Lakers

Hey kids, want to see the most embarrassing possession in NBA history?

January 24, 2022

We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve (proverbially) dunked on the Los Angeles Lakers this season. We called them the “best 2012 basketball team of all time” after acquiring Carmelo Anthony. We dubbed the Russell Westbrook experiment “a failure” after just a few hours. We’ve covered their airballs with glee and mishandles with gusto. They’re an easy target to be sure—an aging and underachieving superteam lacking everything but humility. Still, it seems a little unfair. Mean-spirited even. We thought about laying off The Lakeshow and finding some new NBA target to pick on … but then we saw this. One more time can't hurt, right?

That’s the opening possession from Sunday night’s 113-107 loss to the Miami Heat, which dropped the Lakers below .500 with the All-Star break looming. Thankfully for the Lakers, no one saw it because, you know, FOOTBALL, but we feel perfectly comfortable calling this the most embarrassing possession in NBA history. Seriously, WTF is going on here?


Jordan would never. From there we get a seven sideways passes at the top of the key, a missed dunk, and Trevor Ariza airmailing the ball into the seats like he’s Ryan Tannehill or something. LeBron and co. clearly wanted to “come out loose” and “start having fun with basketball” again. Instead they came out playing like third graders impersonating the Harlem Globetrotters at recess. We’ve searched up and down the thesaurus for an adjective to describe this and “embarrassing” really is the only one that does it justice.

Making matters even worse is the fact the Lakers get the Nets and Sixers on the road in their next two. Needless to say, they better cut it out with this schoolyard crap or we’re going to be dishing out atomic wedgies again in 48 hours time. No one wants that. Not even us.