LeBron James drops 40 against Zion Williamson, sparks debate by eating candy on the bench

February 26, 2020

The highly anticipated first matchup between LeBron James and Zion Williamson turned into the latest reminder that King James is nowhere near ready to pass the torch to the next generation. LeBron put on a show in the Lakers' latest win, scoring a season-high 40 points against the rookie sensation. In fact, you could say his performance was like taking candy from a baby literally.

Before we get to LeBron's sweet ending, here are a couple of tasty highlights. First, he takes the young buck to school for one of his five three-pointers:

By the way, Williamson had 29 points of his own, but we're focusing on THE KING. How about this dunk in transition (and slick between-the-legs pass by Alex Caruso)?

This guy is in his 17th season! Remarkable. And how does he stay so fit? By putting in a lot of work at the gym and adhering to a strict diet. One that apparently includes. . . licorice?

Hey, when you score 40 and your team wins, you deserve to eat whatever you want on the bench. But look closer and those actually aren't Twizzlers:

Red Vines? Talk about an upset. Of course, Action Network's Darren Rovell had to turn this into a much bigger deal than it was by pointing out how much more popular Twizzlers are:

And by conducting this poll:

The correct answer is neither because licorice is disgusting. If you're going to eat candy during a game, make it something good like Marshawn Lynch's Skittles.

Then again, maybe this was all that was available to LeBron at the moment. And by the way, was this just a random fan or does he have a licorice lady like Eli Manning had a beer guy in every city? This might warrant a bigger investigation.

But what doesn't need any further examining is that LeBron James is still ridiculously good at basketball as he approaches two decades in the NBA. Chew on that.