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LeBron James' latest trick is a photographic memory that will astound you

May 14, 2018

Through two rounds of the NBA Playoffs, LeBron James has showcased an array of on-court talents that have reignited GOAT debates across the land. But at a press conference on Sunday, even after a rare off game, the King flashed perhaps his most impressive skill yet: A photographic memory.

When asked a lazy "what happened?" question by a reporter about a 7-0 Celtics run to begin the fourth quarter that put away Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, LeBron gave anything but a lazy answer. Channeling his inner Rain Man, James explained exactly what happened. In painstaking detail. Check it out:

Yes, his true feelings about teammate Jordan Clarkson, who he calls "Jordan Crawford" at first, may have slipped out, but that's pretty damn impressive. I don't think I would have dominated my fellow kindergartners in the card game "Concentration" if James had been in my class.

The Cavs are down 1-0 in the series, but they have a day off to watch game film before Game 2. Or in LeBron's case, think game film.

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