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Golden State's towel boy did the one thing you're not supposed to do as towel boy

February 21, 2020

I've never been a towel/mop-up boy in the NBA, but I'd imagine the job description is pretty simple. Mop up the sweat during stoppages, mop up the sweat while play is at the other end of the court when you can and, most importantly, above all...(this is the number 1 thing here, so pay attention) NOT get in the way. Not only for the safety of the players, but for your own safety. Last place you want to be when LeBron James is barreling down the court is in the paint.

The Golden State Warriors' towel boy screwed up the most important part on Thursday night, but there is a happy ending to his story. Late in the fourth quarter, with lowly Warriors trailing by 30, Golden State small forward Juan Toscano-Anderson picked off a bad pass from Houston's Jeff Green and took it the other way. As he closed in on the basket, Golden State's towel boy looked up to see play coming back in his direction. He obviously thought he had time to mop up, but because of the quick steal, that wasn't the case:

Whoops! But, like we said, there was a happy ending. Towel boy made a brilliant move, running UP court and away from Toscano-Anderson, rather than back to his post under the basket, which would have caused a bit of chaos. Quick-thinking like you read about.

Screen Shot 2020-02-21 at 10.43.29 AM.png

Good on ya towel boy. Also, just wanted to point out this A+ take in the replies:

These people are the absolute WORST. Cannot tell you how many fast breaks get ruined by guys who just can't wait for their turn in pickup.