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Larry Fitzgerald, like all of us, stopped everything he was doing to watch Tiger's eagle putt at East Lake

September 21, 2018

After putting together another Hall-of-Fame-worthy season last year, Larry Fitzgerald could have rode off into the sunset with his legacy fully intact. With golf, golf and more golf in his future, retirement seemed like the smartest option for a guy still in good health and on an Arizona Cardinals team that wasn't winning the Super Bowl any time soon.

But Fitz decided he wasn't done, instead returning for at least one more year to play with Sam Bradford, who continues to defy the odds and start NFL games. This has put Fitzgerald's budding celebrity golf career on hold, which means no scores are getting posted to that controversial handicap of his for the time being. So how does No. 11 get his golf fix, then? By watching Tiger Woods' opening round at the Tour Championship on his phone, of course. Here he was during his media session on Thursday interrupting everything to watch Woods' eagle putt at East Lake, and celebrating accordingly:

"Yes sir! My boy, five under baby! Five under, he's leading the tournament! Doing what he does best, my god, we need to do that on Sunday."

Love Fitzgerald using "we" there after willing that putt in for his boy. Let's hope Tiger can keep it rolling until Sunday, which might become the story of the day in sports on an NFL Sunday. It's too bad Larry won't be able to watch (Cardinals kick off at 4:25 p.m. ET), but he can only blame himself for not retiring to free up his Sundays.