The Lane Train

We’re six weeks out from LSU-Ole Miss, and Lane Kiffin is already taking pot shots at Ed Orgeron and the Tigers

September 07, 2021

It’s Tuesday afternoon. We’re less than 24 hours removed from Ole Miss’ Week 1 win over a lousy Louisville team and about six weeks out from LSU’s scheduled visit to The Grove. There’s no real reason anyone should be talking trash to anyone just yet ... but Lane Kiffin has never needed a reason.

On Saturday, LSU ball coach Ed Orgeron got caught in a little bit of viral whoopsie, overheard on camera calling UCLA’s trademark blue “sissy” before getting waxed by the Bruins 38-27 in the Rose Bowl. After the win, UCLA’s social media team fired back and apparently Kiffin, whose own Rebels donned “sissy blue” on Monday, got wind of the fracas. By Tuesday, he was right in the middle of it.

Razorback, bulldog, elephant, or war eagle. We don’t care who or what you are, you gotta love to see it. Kiffin has remade Ole Miss in his image, turning the Rebels into one of the SEC’s most entertaining programs in just a season and a half. Now he’s fanning the flames of a big-time border war with LSU two damn months ahead of the pair’s scheduled showdown, giving the college football fans something to care about in the SEC West other than Alabama covering the spread against The Citadel. Down there in the Bible Belt, we believe this is referred to as “doing God’s work.”

Is it way too early to start drooling over LSU-Ole Miss, Coach O vs. Night Train Lane? Probably. Could that game be completely irrelevant by October 23rd? Possibly. But if Kiffin’s comments are any indication, it’s going to be a hell of a lot fun getting there.