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Ed Orgeron's classic Hummer commercial is the premium Coach O content you need

November 08, 2019
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College football fans need no reminding, but on Saturday afternoon, second-ranked LSU takes on third-ranked Alabama in the Game of the Century Part Deux. It promises to be a hard-hitting SEC slug fest with massive College Football Playoff implications. Even the President is using tax payer dollars to make the trip to Tuscaloosa. Despite the hype, however, the game within the game might be even better:

That's right. Two of the best soundbites in college football will also face-off on Saturday in a battle for viral supremacy. Whether Coach O's dog-on-a-steak energy or Saban's gleefully mean-spirited grumpiness ultimately prevails remains to be seen, but after coming across this vintage Coach O Hummer commercial from his Ole Miss days, we have to say its advantage Tigers heading into Saturday. Ladies and gentleman, start your engines.

Forget Harry. Take a seat, Sally. Coach O and his gas-guzzling, Al-Qaeda-conquering Hummer is the true love story of our age. It's big, tough, aggressive, and represents everything Coach O wants in a football team. But don't take our word for it, just listen to Jojo!

We have no idea if Coach O is still rolling around Baton Rouge in a clunky mid-aughts branding exercise blasting the same three AC/DC songs on loop, but if he his, you may as well go ahead and book LSU by a million tomorrow. Sorry Sabs, no amount of ranting about pre-ripped jeans can save you now...