Roll Tide

Noted Saban stan Justin Thomas takes shot at Jimbo Fisher during PGA Championship press tour

Late last week, just about the time it seemed like Rory McIlroy would be the big name to break his major duck at Southern Hills, Alabama ball coach Nick Saban went viral for incendiary comments made at a launch event for the World Games in Birmingham, Alabama. There Saban took aim at seemingly half the college football world, calling out the NIL recruiting practices of programs from Miami to FCS Jackson State. No one, however, felt his ire more than Jimbo Fisher, who responded to Saban’s critiques the following morning with a tirade for the ages.

The pissing match was gasoline on a brewing NIL firestorm, but all eyes, at least in our neck of the woods, quickly returned to the action at the PGA Championship. That’s where, four days later, in the heart of Sooner country, noted Alabama fan Justin Thomas claimed his second Wanamaker Trophy with an overtime victory over Will Zalatoris. On Monday, those runaway freight trains finally collided, when Thomas, speaking with SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio, echoed his good buddy Nick with another unsolicited shot across the bow of the S.S. Jimbo. Check it out.

Asked about Saban’s infamous 24-hour celebration rule after a big win, Thomas replied, “Yeah I got a 24-hour rule. I’m not sure what Jimbo Fisher’s rule is. Guess he’s gotta win something first before he figures out his rule.”

Zingggggg. The only problem is Fisher has won “something.” Two somethings in fact—the 2003 National Championship while a member of the coaching staff at Nick Saban’s LSU and the 2013 National Championship as head coach of Florida State. But hey, why let semantics get in the way of good burn? Go ahead and torch him, JT. Just don’t expect a good tee time next time you’re in College Station.