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Nick Saban says Jimbo Fisher 'bought every player,' sparks ball-coach royal rumble, tags in Lane Kiffin

Speaking at a countdown event for the 2022 World Games in Birmingham, Alabama on Wednesday night, Nick Saban looked left, looked right, took a deep breath, and chose violence.

As you can probably imagine, that pissed off Jimbo something fierce, and he fired back on Thursday by calling Saban "despicable." Veins doc, right into the veins.

In an instant, the NIL cold war that's been simmering for the past 12 months went tropical. Saban and Fisher's general dislike of each other has been on public display since Fisher joined the SEC in 2017, but Saban didn’t stop there, taking aim at FCS Jackson State next.

That of course lit the wick under Deion Sanders’ ass, who took to Twitter in the wee hours of Thursday morning to call Saban a liar and promise receipts with his typical primetime flair.

Those receipts ultimately weren't forthcoming, but with Saban in danger of being outnumbered in the royal rumble of his own making, the Crimson Tide coach tagged in the SEC's resident troll master—the self-crowned maestro of malice himself—for backup. BAH GAWD THAT’S KIFFIN’S MUSIC.

All in all, a fun 12 hours on college ball-coach Twitter, and something tells us we’re not even close to done. After all, Mike Leach is still backstage with a folding chair waiting for his cue.