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'In golf?' -Nick Saban when he heard Jimbo Fisher said he was going to beat his ass

With his seventh National Championship victory this past January, Nick Saban reaffirmed what we and all his peers alreay knew: he is the king. And when you come at the king, you best not miss.

Jimbo Fisher, a Saban disciple, should know that better than anyone, at least you would think. But on Wednesday, the Texas A&M head coach took a mini jab at his former boss at a luncheon in Houston. An Aggies fan asked Fisher "what's the key, other than Saban retiring, to beating Alabama?" Fisher's response? "We're going to beat his ass even when he's there." 

To be clear, it was a good-natured jab, and Fisher smartly bowed to the king immediately after, saying how much respect he has for Saban and blah, blah, blah. The media, of course, ran with the 'beat his ass' part of it though, and it quickly made it's way back to Saban, who dropped the damn mic on his former assistant: 

Dead. RIP Jimbo Fisher. That said, Jimbo is a pretty good golfer, as is Saban, so it could be a good match. As for the football field, Fisher is 0-fer against his old boss. You'll notice Saban did say "I'm sure there will come a day," though, which basically means "I'm sure Jimbo's team will have a once-in-a-lifetime game against us at some point and we'll sleepwalk through it and they'll still only barely win by a field goal, and then we will beat them by 50 the very next season." Ed Orgeron and Kevin Sumlin know what I'm talking about.