It Just Means More

Justin Thomas and Kevin Kisner had a mighty fine time tweeting at each other during the 2022 National Championship game

January 11, 2022

Monday was a night of contrasting fortunes for Justin Thomas and Kevin Kisner … and it had nothing to do with golf. After a long college football season, the seas parted and the stars aligned as Thomas’ Alabama Crimson Tide faced off against Kisner’s beloved Georgia Bulldogs in the 2022 National Championship game. Over the years, Thomas, an Alabama alum, and Kisner, a Georgia graduate, have traded barbs about their SEC rivals, but Monday night was for all the marbles. Tensions were high. Stakes were higher. You might have expected Twitter fireworks between the PGA Tour peers, but they kept it above the belt … well, mostly.

OK, OK, so an aggressive start from JT, but he was probably just juiced up from Kisner’s jabs throughout the day …

For those of you who don’t know, HBTFD stands for “How bout them f—king dawgs,” a famous Kirby Smart quote following Georgia’s 2019 victory over Auburn. From there, however, things calmed down a bit. The boys got it out of there systems and began pulling for their own teams instead of against the other's:

Thomas even took his head out of the paper bag long enough to point out the first Masters commercial. LFG indeed.

When the dust settled and the confetti fell, however, Kisner celebrated with his crew while Thomas licked his wounds and wished him well through gritted teeth …

Despite the loss, however, there was a silver lining for the World No. 5 …

Don’t worry, Kiz. There’s always next year.