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The Iowa golf bar that ran the viral Big Ten Championship promotion taps John Daly (who else?) as new brand ambassador

December 05, 2023

Jared C. Tilton

By now you’ve probably heard about X-Golf Cedar Rapids, the Iowa golf simulator bar that lost its proverbial shirt this weekend when they offered customers free beer until the putrid Hawkeyes offense scored in the Big Ten Championship. Iowa lost 26-0.

The story has since gone viral, bringing not only attention to the Cedar Rapids location of the indoor golf chain, but also the services of one John Daly. Yes, really.

That’s right. You’re looking at the new brand ambassador of X-Golf Cedar Rapids. What's John Daly's connection with the state of Iowa? No idea! Can he even unlock his iPhone let alone play simulator golf? Who knows! But there’s nothing—from Hooters wings to razors specially designed for your junk—that golf’s beloved Bad Santa won’t hawk.

That said, despite the overblown fears of certain elected officials, capitalism is still alive and well in America. You gotta pay the bills somehow, especially around the holidays. As for X-Golf, they’re a growing brand looking to establish credibility and name recognition with golfers. Daly can certainly help with that. Best of all, if everyone is drinking Daly’s canned cocktails the next time the Hawkeyes get shutout, they won’t be opting for the free beer.