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John Daly pulls up to DJ Khaled’s birthday party, flirts with mermaid, afterparties at Hooters

November 27, 2023
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From John Daly's Insta

Every John Daly sighting is a blend of Bigfoot, Prince and that insane guy you know from college. The man produces anecdotes at Usain Bolt speed, and every time he pops up on social media, you know you’re in for a treat. This star-studded night out on the town checks all of those boxes.

The two-time major winner stopped by DJ Khaled’s 48th birthday party over the weekend in Miami. Even with Future, Ne-Yo, Jermaine Dupri, Raekwon, A$AP Ferg, Timbaland and Slick Rick in attendance, Daly managed to snag a few photos with the legendary hitmaker.

"What a birthday bash.. much love brother!” Daly posted on Insta to Khaled. "Happiest of bdays!"

With Khaled’s golf obsession, we can only assume the two discussed their recent exploits on the course. Perhaps Daly gave the Grammy winner a pointer or two. That’s a hell of a birthday gift. He also offered to get Raekwon out on the course and help Ne-Yo get some clubs. What a mensch.

John Daly came prepared with a Hall of Fame shirt that can only be described as the carpet from The Shining gone awry. He even got a little flirting in with a mermaid in a water tank … a normal sentence when it comes to Daly.


“I mean babe...she blew a kiss at me,” Daly wrote on his Insta.

Because this is John Daly we’re talking about, of course, this story ends at a Hooters. The Hooters of Bradenton to be specific.

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The PGA Tour and Hooters legend ended up at the chain restaurant for a nightcap of sorts. Most likely wings, a Miller Lite and some short shorts. The man’s closing in on 60, but he hasn’t lost a step. Something for all of us to strive for in our later years.