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Watch John Daly belly flop into Trump Doral water hazard as permanent summer vacation rolls on

December 12, 2022

This weekend, as many of the world’s finest tracks lay motionless under a blanket of snow and ice, John Day—per John Day MO—was living it up in the Sunshine State. The two-time major winner was seen enjoying his permanent summer vacation, belly flopping into a water hazard while playing the Trump Touring Pro Weekend at Trump Doral. Behold the form. Witness the majesty.

OK, so Pocahontas he ain’t, but Daly’s dive still made a splash with his playing partners, who started tearing off their own clothes to join him. Before they could, however, Daly enlisted their help to get back dry land. His antics may not have slowed down over the years, but his knees sure have.

The viral clip wraps up continues a renaissance year of content from Daly, who could be seen wheeling and dealing with Hooters, playing the slots between rounds at the PGA Championship, and smoking a drive over a freeway in the name of the good ol’ US of A. Here’s hoping 2023 brings more of the same, because golf is a hell of a lot more fun with the big man than without him.