John Daly Being John Daly

PGA Championship 2022: John Daly treated himself to dinner at Hooters (obviously), makes stop at casino after solid first round

May 20, 2022

John Daly had himself a nice little Thursday in Oklahoma. The 56-year-old opened the 2022 PGA Championship with a very respectable 72, which was well-documented by our own Shane Ryan. And then he treated himself to dinner at Hooters. Obviously. And then he made a pit slots stop at a casino. Also, obviously.

The two-time major champ shared a photo from the Tulsla location of the chain restaurant on Thursday night. Well, make that a Tulsa location, because we're guessing it's not the only one in those parts.

Wings and curly fries? Talk about a dinner of champions. Meanwhile, Day 1 leader Rory McIlroy probably had grilled chicken and steamed brussels sprouts. To each his own.

Of course, Daly has a long relationship with the chain. In fact, his son, John Daly II, also inked a NIL deal with Hooters (of course) earlier this year. So it makes perfect sense that Daly would stop there for dinner—especially since those wings and curly fries are probably on the house.

We're guessing JD washed it all down with a pitcher (or two) of beer as well. Hey, it's a lot cheaper than drinking at the course this week.

But wait! There's more! Daly was also spotted at the slot machines:

And there will probably be more of that if he makes the cut on Friday. Good luck, John. Both on and off the course.