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Jerry Seinfeld says the key to rebooting 'Seinfeld' is . . . Pete Alonso?

September 30, 2019
Atlanta Braves v. New York Mets

Alex Trautwig

Bend the knee to your new [rookie home run] king, baseball peasants. On Saturday night, Mets slugger and 2019 Home Run Derby champ Pete Alonso crushed his 53rd home run of the season, breaking Aaron Judge's rook record, which stood for all of two years before being one-upped just down the BQE. It was the highlight of a wild second half for the Mets, helping to ease the pain for the Mets faithful who watched their team rally from 11 games below .500 at the All-Star Game only to come up just short of the postseason yet again. Lay your eyes on this beautiful monstrosity.

One such maladjusted Mets nut is an average Joe named Jerry Seinfeld, who took to Twitter following Alonso's record-breaking bomb to lay out the conditions for a long-rumored, longer-mooted 'Seinfeld reboot. Say Pete, it might be time to get that SAG card...

Seinfeld is, of course, referencing the two-part season-three episode "The Boyfriend," featuring Mets legend Keith Hernandez as Jerry's new BFF. After an intervention by Kramer and Newman in the legendary "magic loogie" scene, Hernandez asks out Elaine, requests Jerry's help moving a couch, and is eventually ousted from the friend group for not being a complete and total sociopath. Jerry and Keith have since made up, but Alonso carries his own couches up 10th-floor walk-ups, so how he would fare in the role remains to be seen.

'Seinfeld' heads shouldn't hold their breath, though. While a reboot of 'The Office' is in the works for NBC's new streaming platform, Alonso or no, 'Seinfeld' will remain where it should: On syndication and, starting in 2021, Netflix as part of an eye-watering $500-million-dollar deal. We wouldn't be surprised to see the Polar Bear grabbing coffee with a comedian in a car in near-ish future, though...