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Is Leonard Fournette giggling every time the Jets tackle him the new Kawhi laugh?

October 31, 2019

Sam Greenwood

The Jets are a laughing stock. This offseason they hired the sub-.500 coach not even the Miami Dolphins could and signed a premium running back who hadn't played in over a year. They geared up in the trenches and stood firm outside and everyone, at least here in myopic dystopia known as New York City, said they had the look of a playoff team. That Sam Darnold could make the leap. That Gase wasn't the sociopath he seemed. That this team could contend. We all know what happened next...

...and then came Ghostgate...

...and suddenly the Jets were 1-6 and back to being very much the New York Jets. This weekend, however, it wasn't just the peanut gallery that was got a chuckle out Gang Green Gangrene. It was also Jacksonville Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette, who took Duval's ruthless trolling of the football Mets to new and unprecedented heights on Sunday, giggling with each and every hit the Jets laid on him. Thankfully, NFL Films just happened to have Fournette mic'd up, and, for the second week in a row, inadvertently buried the poor 'ol Jets in a shallow grave.

Hmm, remind you of anyone?

OK, so it won't probably won't reach Kawhi levels of virality. Over a year later, and humanity is still finding new and exciting ways to repurpose the Clippers star's melodious guffaw. This doesn't have quite the same staying power, but still it's an awesome display or toughness (or insanity, potato/potahto) from one of the purest football guys left out there. Meanwhile, the Jets face the aforementioned Dolphins on Sunday after threatening to trade their best players all week. Just imagine how hard we'll all be laughing if Miami somehow manages to pull this one off...