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Somebody is trolling Sam Darnold and his "I'm seeing ghosts" comment with the perfect airplane banner

October 27, 2019

Al Bello

It doesn't appear as if Sam Darnold's comment that he was "seeing ghosts" during last week's New York Jets/New England Patriots game will be forgotten anytime soon. Prior to the Jets' game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, someone caught an airplane banner flying around Jax Beach with a billboard that will ensure Darnold's comment is even more fully engrained into the minds of sports fans everywhere.

It has been a tough season for Darnold -- being diagnosed with mono and missing a few games didn't help; then there was the mindblowingly low 3.8 quarterback rating he recorded against the menacing Patriots defense. Of course, mics during the Sunday Night Football game picked up Darnold's comment, and those on social media picked that up and ran with it. Apparently, "seeing ghosts" is a term used by some quarterbacks when they aren't properly recognizing defensive coverage. Don't tell that to the internet.

Now, the social-media trolling seems like small-scale fun compared to what we saw on Sunday, proving this has escalated to some next level, large-scale mocking.

It's all in good fun, right? Regardless, this billboard is a quick turnaround on a viral news story just a few days ago, turning it into some light-hearted entertainment for Jaguars fans prior to their battle against the Jets. It might be a little too late in the day for some bulletin-board material, but an entire week of criticism in the New York media and on radio shows should already have provided that for Darnold and the Jets.

This jet billboard, trolling the Jets, is a job well done.