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Leonard Fournette's son is the reason you shouldn't let your kids play football

August 28, 2019

Earlier this summer, Devin Hester's son threatened to topple the internet's rickety scaffolding when footage of him snapping ankles just like his old man emerged on Instagram. It was a sobering reminder that athletic ability, like money, is something people are just born into. Unlike wealth, however, if you aren't born with it, you aren't acquiring it, which is probably good news for you and your children lest they one day have to face Leonard Fournette's son, who went viral on Wednesday night for, well, simply doing what Fournettes do. Viewer discretion is advised:

While pops has made a career out of inflicting that sort punishment on opposing linebacking corps, junior here is leveling the karmic playing field by dishing that pain right back. Making matters is even more terrifying is the fact that this was the first time Fournette's son ever put on a set of pads, which makes you wonder just what sort of future-nuking hits he'll be handing out once he gets the hang of his full arsenal.

Needless to say, if you're still on the fence about letting your kids play football after Andrew Luck's broken retirement speech...

...Rob Gronkowski's tearful admissions...

...and hits like this...

...then let Little Leonard here be the tiebreaker: Hell freaking no. Become a stuntman. Join the army. Enter the corporate workforce and have your soul slowly amputated over the course of 40 agonizing years. Do whatever you want to do, kids...as long as that thing isn't football.