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Didn't See That Coming

This fan fight at an AA hockey game has the greatest twist ending since ‘Fight Club’

November 28, 2022

Think about the greatest plot twists in the history of plot twists. Darth Vader was Luke’s old man. Bruce Willis was dead the whole time. Brad Pitt and Ed Norton were THE SAME DUDE. All jaw-dropping, popcorn-spilling moments etched forever in the our collective consciousness. None, however, can compare to the twist ending in this senior AA hockey fight from the weekend, which you wouldn’t be able to guess even if we gave you a decade to do it. Hit play and make sure you stick around for the third act.

There’s a lot to unpack here. There’s more double crosses than ‘Double Indemnity.’ The cast is more star-studded than ‘The Departed.’ Our protagonist gets his sweatshirt pulled over his head in a move straight out ‘Happy Gilmore.’ There’s an anonymous sucker punch at the 27-second mark—a veritable second shooter from the grassy knoll. It all builds to an explosive climax, in which sweatshirt guy thinks the crowd cheering that he got his ass kicked is cheering for him and headbutts the glass in celebration, instantly KOing himself with a THWACK. “HOLYYYY F—K LET’S GOOOOO” shouts the woman filming the whole thing on her phone while simultaneously pulling her purse away from the unconscious man’s head. Christopher Nolan could never.

Beyond that, details are murky. Who started it? Aren’t Canadiens supposed to be friendly? Is this man still blissfully snoozing beside the glass like some sort of cross between Gus Frerotte and Rip Van Winkle? Like all good cliffhangers, you’ll have to stick around for the sequel to find out.