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Heated exchange at club championship leads to one of the best on-course tantrums we've ever seen

November 28, 2022

WARNING: The videos you're about to see contain explicit language. A LOT of explicit language. But if you don't mind that sort of thing, and you like seeing golf course fights and/or on-course tantrums, these might just become your two favorite videos ever.

A big hat tip to our friends at Australian Golf Digest, who alerted us to this incredible scene from a club championship in Melbourne. It takes place at Cranbourne Golf Club and although we can't quite decipher what set off those involved, the results were spectacular—especially since no one got hurt. Well, other than losing a bit of dignity.

Check it out as an older gentleman starts yelling across the fairway to golfers on another hole. That's when one younger guy comes over and gets in his face. There are threats, but nothing happens other than a lot of screaming. And, again, a LOT of cursing. Have a look:

Our favorite lines, ranked:

3.) "What’s going on?! This is bullshit! This is the club championships!"

2.) I respect you as a captain, but that was a bad decision.

And No. 1 has a bit of Mike Gundy's "I'm 40! I'm a MAN!" to it:

1.) "I’m 61 years old! C’mon, you f---head! That’s wrong. I’ve got to put up with that, do I?! F--- that!”

So good. But wait! There's more! Eventually, the self-proclaimed 61-year-old returns to playing, hits a terrible shot, and absolutely loses his shit again:

Absolutely electric stuff. And you thought Jon Rahm had on-course tantrums. That ending is the best part—particularly that the man's playing partner seems unaffected and continues to sip on a drink while all this chaos is unfolding around him. Just amazing all around.

"F--- that, Captain! Control your f---ing players! F--- that, f--- you, f--- the load of you." What a scene! Just like at the Catalina Wine Mixer, they do NOT mess around at the Cranbourne Club Championships.