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This golf course fight is pathetic, but man, is it entertaining

March 12, 2017

If we were to compile a list of the best fights on golf courses, well, it would be a pretty short list. In recent years, there was the time Keegan Bradley and Miguel Angel Jimenez nearly came to blows at Harding Park in 2015:


And the time a couple guys actually came to blows on a Colorado course in 2016:

But now there's a new one making the rounds on Instagram. Judged solely on pugilistic merits, it's pathetic (Not that we condone this kind of stuff), but man, is it entertaining. Check it out (WARNING: Some NSFW language):

OK, so it's not so much of a "fight" as it is one guy screaming at another guy -- and then running away from him (The dude is lucky the other guy didn't actually throw a punch after he yelled "STOPPPPP!"). But again, it's golf, and when it comes to this kind of stuff, we have so little.