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This might be the wildest fight on a golf course we've ever seen

April 15, 2021

Everyone thinks of golf as this calming sport, but most golfers are ready to snap at a moment's notice. Just look at Billy Horschel at the Masters last week. And that's one of the best golfers in the world playing arguably the most beautiful course in the world. So imagine what's going through the head of your average weekend hacker chopping it around your average muni?

Now throw in other circumstances and you have the recipe for a blowup that would make Horschel's antics look tame by comparison. Maybe the greens were just punched and you get a bad break. Maybe your opponent made you putt that two-footer on those punched greens, and you missed. Maybe the group in front of you is playing really slow. Check that, the group in front of you is always playing really slow. Or maybe—god forbid—the snack bar at the turn isn't open. That's the worst.

Any of those situations—and plenty of others—might be enough for you to come to blows with a fellow golfer. OK, so more likely, you'd keep it to yourself, but golf fights do happen. We've seen several memorable ones through the years. This one, though, might be the craziest.

It starts off with two guys getting into it before one of them loses his shirt. Then he adds a FLAGSTICK to the ruckus. Fortunately, it looks like no one was seriously hurt in this heavyweight brawl:

Absolutely wild stuff. And we have so many questions. What in the world set that off? Will flagstick guy get charged with aggravated assault? And why the heck didn't anyone break these guys up?

OK, so we're guessing the answer to the last question is the fact that those are some big dudes. Anyway, again, it looks like no one was seriously hurt. But for the future, be careful out there. And always be generous with gimmes. Just in case.