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Watch a full-blown fist fight break out on a Colorado golf course

August 02, 2016

What's the worst you've seen when someone hits a ball into the group in front? Some yelling? Maybe someone stepping on the ball? Possibly someone hitting the ball back at the group?

OK, now you're just thinking of that scene from Sideways:

But seriously, this serious breach of golf etiquette can cause some heated exchanges on the course. And thanks to someone's cell phone, we have proof of a recent one.

Justin Abrams (@jabrams77) was playing at Fossil Trace Golf Club in Colorado when he happened to have the perfect vantage point of a full-blown fist fight breaking out between two golfers. Check it out:

The lesson? Do NOT hit into the group in front of you. Even if they're playing really slow. Well, maybe if. . . no, never mind. Just don't do it.

At first, we were skeptical about this being a real fight (They seem to make up pretty quick, don't they?). But look at the shot to the face the guy in the orange takes:

Guy in the blue must be a southpaw.