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Be Prepared

How to stock your golf bag to be prepared for any situation on the course

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Golf is an unpredictable sport, and no two rounds are the same. From nasty blisters to a dead rangefinder, we often run into tricky situations on the course that we might not be prepared for. Plus, Mother Nature can always cause a round to go awry. Avid golfers know that no matter how clear the forecast may look for your tee time, it’s always worth it to be a little extra prepared. The added pound or two that your golf umbrella might add is usually worth it: No one likes a soggy round.

If you adequately equip your golf bag with a few essential items, a lot of the potential problems you may run into on the course can be avoided. Although you might not have all of these items in your golf bag at once, it’s always a good idea to go through a checklist of what you might need that day. Here are 15 products that every golfer should think about bringing to the course to avoid those tricky, unforeseen situations that are an inherent part of the game.