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Every golfer needs one of these waterproof hats

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Why let a little rain get in the way of your game? The pros didn't let it get to them during the first two majors of the year—but they have someone to hold their umbrella for them. Regular golfers need to put a little more thought into how to stay dry head-to-toe. Think: Quality rain pants, waterproof jackets, a sturdy golf umbrella that won’t bowl over with a harsh gust of wind, and a rain cap.

We've rounded up a selection of rain-ready golf hats stand up to the same test and are doubly important to keep on hand in your golf bag as so many waterproof jackets and mid-layers designed for golf are notoriously hood-less on account of swing impediments. Most of these hats are lightweight and easily packed small, and come in classic styles from bucket hats to baseball caps—and even a luxe cashmere option for golfers who also need to stay warm. Golf rain hats are designed for functionality and style, which means they’ll keep you dry while playing and look good with whatever rain gear you already have on hand.