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This college basketball player explaining the reason for his hospital visit is the most NSFW thing you'll hear this year

After a disappointing year in football, Clemson badly needed a lift from the school's basketball program, and that's exactly what its gotten. The Tigers men's hoops team currently holds the top spot in the ACC, with an overall record of 17-4 and a 9-1 record in the conference. Senior guard Brevin Galloway has been a key cog in their rise, averaging over 10 points per game and nearly three assists and one steal.

Unfortunately, it appears the Tigers will be without one of their senior leaders for at least the next two games, a pair of road tests at Florida State and Boston College. Galloway suffered a rather gruesome injury on Thursday, though it didn't occur on the court and shouldn't keep him out that long.

Now, you may be asking, how could a non-basketball-related injury that Galloway should be able to recover from in less than a week be classified as "gruesome"? Well, will let him explain that for you ... (WARNING: The video is NSFW and possibly also NSFL(ife)):

"So this morning I went to lift," Galloway explains in a video he posted to his Instagram story, "I came back, I took a nap, I woke up from my nap and my b---s and my n--s---k were exploded. Now, I go to the doctor, I have surgery, three hours later and my b---s are reduced to their normal size."

Welp, that might be enough internet today for us. A simple "lower-body" injury would have sufficed, Brevin. But hey, these college kids like to share everything on social media these days, including all of their best TMI moments. This is one of those moments. 

As Galloway explains in the video, he'll take the next 48 hours to recover and will be "back in a uniform shortly." This video was taken Thursday night, meaning he believes by Saturday evening he'll be in ship shape. That would cause him to miss only one game, which, all things considered, would be pretty remarkable considering the injury he suffered. Lesser men might need months to physically, and mentally, recover from an explosion of the you-know-whats. Galloway isn't going to make the All-America team, but he's our first pick on First-Team, All-Grit. 

P.S. This, from Galloway's head coach Brad Brownell, is priceless:

And this from the Fox Sports 1 ticker at the bottom of the screen:

Had to be a first for that ticker operator.