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Mr. Potato Head

Tater-head Bill Belichick revealing his favorite Thanksgiving side dish is the content we’re here for this week

November 22, 2021

Bill Belichick is famously tight-lipped around the media. One-word answers are the norm and condescension the price of doing business. Every now and then he snuffs out a little smirk like crushing a fly, and that’s when you know he’s in a particularly good mood. Generally speaking, though, Belichick is at his most effusive when not talking about football. Last week, he was visibly pleased when a reporter complimented his new jacket. This week (Thanksgiving week for all of you not watching the calendar) Belichick was asked by WEEI about his favorite Turkey Day side, and he did not hold back …

“It’s pretty hard for me to turn down any type of potatoes,” Belichick croaks, making it very clear where he’s headed with the serving spoon first. “I’ll go with whatever. Mashed potatoes, scalloped, or, you know, baked, or however they’re made … starch me up.”

Folks, if Belichick saying “starch me up” three days before Thanksgiving doesn’t get you all kinds of fired up, then we are just not on the same page. Granted, this particular writer is taking stuffing and cranberry sauce all day, but it’s tough to criticize Belichick’s tater-first approach. At the very least, it is deeply in character.