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The best golf shoes with white street shoe sneaker styling

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Updated on December 05, 2023

Today, the white sneaker is one of those rare items that transcends the confining, outdated genres of golf wear and street style, fitting into both athletic and upscale looks effortlessly. You can dress the white sneaker up just as stylishly as you can dress it down. And thanks to the breakthroughs in technical fabrics and materials, you don’t need to worry about a white shoe getting irreparably and untimely scuffed up. The shoes we’ve rounded up below are absolutely designed with performance and comfort first, with style and versatility just as high up on the list. With these fashionable golf-ready options that will take you from day to night, you can ignore any doubtful whisperings of “it’ll get dirty too quickly!” or “you can’t wear white past Labor Day!” Scroll below for 18 stylish, durable, performance-enhancing, and long-lasting options for both men and women.


Above (Left): Walter Hagen at the U.S. Open at the Winged Foot Club, Mamaroneck, N.Y. (Right): Hagen takes a swing during a 1940's Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Ga.

But first, a moment to appreciate the historial context that has brought us to this moment in golf style history. The white shoe has long been synonymous with golf style as, the story goes, a lighter shade on a shoe is believed to better reflect the sun’s rays, therefore keeping your feet cooler for all 18 holes. It was in the 1800s when the first white golf shoe was reported in an early golf publication in Scotland. While the sport’s heritage is usually associated with Scotland, it was an American golf and style icon who we have to thank for the ongoing prowess of the white course shoe when, in 1925, professional Walter Hagen strutted into New York’s Lido Club in a white and black two-toned brogue confection, complete with the sweeping “w” wingtip design, often referred to as a flying, soaring bird. From there, and thanks to the invention of new materials other than dark leather to befit footwear, the white golf shoe took off.

From vintage-inspired golf shoes to modern sneaker-like iterations, these are our favorite white golf shoes for men and women.