Cold-Weather Golf

Extend your golf season with these all-weather winter golf gloves and hand warmers

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Updated on December 06, 2023

Finding ways to start the golf season as early in the year as possible is the goal of any golfer in colder climates. If your course is open for play and you are equipped with the proper cold-weather golf gear, you can play well before springtime. When it comes to apparel, insulated layering is key to providing warmth—without impeding the swing. Winter hats or ear-covers are musts, wool socks will keep your feet cozy—but too many golfers don’t prepare their hands for the bitter cold. A regular golf glove will not typically provide enough warmth or grip in cold or wet conditions. With quality winter golf gloves or hand warmers, year-round golf is possible no matter where you live. From hi-tech options that double as power banks to upgrades to your classic fleece-and-waterproof mitts, these options will keep you warm, safe, and healthy so you can focus on your game.
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