Winter Golf
October 09, 2020

Best winter golf gloves and hand warmers 2020: Be a better all-weather golfer

All the gloves, mittens and hand warmers you need to know about as the temperatures drop

Extending the golf season as late as possible is the goal of any golfer in colder climes. If your course is open and you have the proper cold-weather golf gear, you can play well into the winter if you’re prepared. When it comes to apparel, insulated layering is key to providing warmth—without impeding the swing. Winter hats or ear-covers are musts, wool socks will keep your feet cozy—but too many golfers don’t prepare their hands enough. A regular golf glove will not typically provide enough warmth or grip in cold or wet conditions. With the right winter golf gloves or hand warmers, all-year golf is possible no matter where you live.

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FootJoy StaSof Winter Gloves ($50) and WinterSof Gloves ($22)
Among FootJoy’s vast glove offerings, the brand has two winter-specific options. The FootJoy StaSof Winter Pair ($50) is made with a mix of weather-resistant leather and warm fleece. The leather palm allows for a comfortable grip that will stay secure through perspiration, rain or snow. The WinterSof Pair ($22) is a more affordable option with a gripping suede-knit palm and extended knit cuffs that add a ton of warmth.

ZeroRestriction Windstopper Rain Gloves ($88)
The ZeroRestriction Windstopper Rain Gloves ($88) are a strong all-weather option. The shell of these gloves is made with a durable Pittards leather and lined with a wind-resistant membrane. It’s got a removable ball marker to make things easier on the greens and an overlapping Velcro closure to keep heat in.

Under Armour UA Storm Golf Gloves ($25)
Adding a bit of color, the Under Armour UA Storm Golf Gloves ($25) are gray and blue with a textured palm that grips great in wet conditions. The poly-nylon gloves are breathable and comfortable with a smooth seam-sealed finish.

Galvin Green Lewis Glove ($65)
Galvin Green is known for making quality rain gear, and the Lewis Gloves ($65) are no exception. The windproof and water-repellent gloves are made with the brand’s Interface-1 technology that’s built to be soft, full of stretch and ultra-breathable. They’ll release excess heat moisture to regulate temperature in any conditions.

Nike Cold Weather Golf Gloves ($28)
Nike’s Cold Weather Golf Gloves ($28) have a water-resistant fleece at the back of the hand for warmth and a synthetic suede strategically placed where you need grip the most. An oversize wrist tab locks in warmth and with a hook-and-loop closure provides a secure fit you won’t have to adjust.

FootJoy’s RainGrip Gloves ($22)
FootJoy’s RainGrip Gloves ($22) are a trusted option by many all-weather golfers. The palm is lined with the brand’s Autosude Knit fabric that provides a secure feel, and the back of the fingers are lined with a quick-dry material for a comfortable all-day wear.

HotHands Hand Warmers, 10 Count ($10)
These air-activated heat pockets are a great option to have on hand when the temperatures drop. Easy to keep in a pocket, the packs provide up to 10 hours of heat at an extremely affordable price point.

Zippo 12 Hour Hand Warmer ($20)
For a slight upgraded version of your traditional hand-held warmers, the Zippo 12 Hour Hand Warmer ($20) is a durable pocket-sized hand warmer. The flameless warmth is powered by lighter fluid and lasts 12 hours before needing a refill.

Mr. Heater Golf Cart Heater ($110)
If ultra-cold-weather golf is a frequent occurrence for you, consider the Mr. Heater Golf Cart Heater ($110). It’s a portable heater that fits in a cup holder, a wind-resistant burner and safety features so you don’t have to worry about leaving it in the golf cart.

G-Tech Apparel Heated Pouch ($115)
This heated pouch from G-Tech has been seen all over the PGA Tour. The water-resistant pack can be strapped around the waist for quick hand warming between shots. It’s got a Lithium battery that can provide over 12 hours of heat, without adding too much weight.

Under Armour UA Storm Golf Gloves ($25)
For a less technological hand warmer, the Under Armour UA Storm Golf Gloves ($25) are a solid winter accessory. The mitts are lined with the brand’s infrared technology that will absorb and retain your own body heat to regulate hand temperature while the water- and wind-resistant exterior will keep the elements out.

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