Cold Weather Golf

This is the perfect golf cart blanket for cold rounds

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January 04, 2023

Like a lot of New England golfers, I’ve played golf in snow, hail and freezing rain. But somehow, the coldest I’ve ever been on a golf course was in Florida. While on a work trip with a few Golf Digest colleagues one January, we had an opening in our itinerary to play. The forecast was bleak, with temperatures somehow only in the 30’s and high winds expected. But, when you have the opportunity to play golf on a work trip, you must play golf. So we did.

Part of the reason this was the coldest round of my life was because I’d come to Florida without my usual cold-weather golf layers, consisting of mostly performance ski gear, like wool base layers and down jackets. Instead, I made the most out of my rain gear and whatever layers I’d brought. Also brutal was that we played a course that required carts, so we didn’t have the option of walking to help keep us warm.

It was so cold, one of my coworkers brought a blanket from the hotel room to keep him warm in the cart. When I came across the Rumpl outdoor blanket, I immediately thought of that frigid round and how if I’d had a Rumpl, I’d have been a lot happier.

The shell is stain and rip resistant, and the insulation is lightweight while still keeping you warm. It packs into a small travel bag, so it’ll easily fit in your cart when not in use. Recycled plastic bottles are used in production, so it’s environmentally friendly, too. It comes in plenty of fun colors and prints, while still being durable enough to handle outdoor use.

While the Rumpl will cover you, here are some blanket options that cover the cart’s seat for another layer of warmth.