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Best Golf Umbrella

As a human being, you're probably familiar with the concept of the umbrella. It keeps rain off of you; everybody's happy. But not all umbrellas are created equal. That little collapsible umbrella you use on your walk from the parking lot to your office? It's not going to cut it on the golf course. You need something that's sturdy, something that's going to hang tough in high winds without blowing inside out. The GustBuster's two-layer construction with tear drops cut out of the inner layer allows wind to pass through the umbrella, so it won't be lifted out of your hands. It's tough enough to stand up against higher winds than you're going to want to play in.

We also like the GustBuster for its size. It's available in 62- and 68-inch diameters. Though you certainly need an umbrella with enough width to cover yourself and your bag while you're playing in the rain, we think the smaller version gets the job done just fine. The shaft is lightweight but durable, and the handle is a comfortable rubber. The new opening and closing system doesn't involve any pinching, so your fingers are safe. There are also plenty of colors available, so you'll be able to find something that matches your bag without any issue.

GustBuster Golf, $45
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