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Beer O'Clock

It's time for the 2022 Masters drinking game


Scott Halleran

The Masters is upon us once again, and with the return of the spring (not to mention full galleries) to the confines of Augusta National, it is time to drink and make merry. So whatever your beverage of choice, be it beer or wheat grass shots, join us as we raise a glass to golf’s greatest weekend with our 2022 Masters Drinking Game. Please sip responsibly, friends.


When that piano starts tinkling, you know the tune

Every time Rae’s Creek claims another victim

For every mention of the return of "patrons"

For every mention of Bryson’s hip

For every mention of Tiger’s leg

For every shot from the pine straw

For any flower talk (hole nicknames count)

For any home run on the second screen (did you know Thursday is Opening Day?)

Drink for three seconds …

For every “Hello friends”

For the token Joe Ford appearance

If Jim Nantz says “a return to normalcy” instead of “a return to spring”

When they inevitably show Hideki Matsuyama’s caddie bowing last year

When the conversation turns to Rory’s career grand slam pursuit (evergreen)

Each time the alterations to 11 and 15 are discussed

Every (or any) Sunday lead change

If Big-Week Brooks makes an appearance

If they run the Jack ‘86 highlight package


If the Wonderbread on that pimento cheese sandwich seems a little dry

Finish your beverage …

For every "Georgia On My Mind" instead of "Augusta" curveball

If the weather horn sounds

If there's an SEC ball coach in attendance

Every time one of your bets actually cashes

For Tiger’s opening tee shot

If Tiger makes the cut

If Tiger wins

If Harry Higgs removes his shirt

If someone accidentally says “Phil” out loud

If you find yourself actually missing Phil (better make it two)

If they show Greg Norman crumpling to his knees in ‘96 (spitting out your drink also accepted)