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WHAT IT DOES: Sometimes a hybrid’s defining characteristic isn’t all that complex: just be better in all areas than the iron it’s designed to replace. PXG’s approach isn’t much more complex than that. The high-strength steel face surrounded by a perimeter-weighted body on this straightforward hybrid design does all the things an iron of a similar loft cannot do: It’s faster flexing, it’s higher launching and it’s more forgiving on off-center impacts. 

WHY WE LIKE IT: Plenty of hybrids use multiple materials like carbon composite and tungsten to save weight and create additional stability. With its 0211 line, PXG takes a simpler approach. Instead of fancy extra materials, these hybrids feature a subtle shape change. By squaring off the face size, which lowers the leading edge at the heel and toe, PXG has increased the hittable area lower on the face. As it turns out, that is where impact occurs more often. In addition, this shape also makes the perimeter wall around the toe more vertical, further increasing face area and boosting stability for better off-center hits. Given the 0211 is selling for half the price of some other hybrids, that’s about all the simplicity you’ll need. Read more>>

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Price: 0211 $150
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Look / Sound / Feel


* Percentage of total score

Player Comments
“The deep face exudes power and instills confidence. Easy to hit. Boring trajectory with plenty of distance. I love the balanced feel in my hands.”
Handicap, 5
"Compact shape is appealing. Makes you feel like you need to put a decent swing on the ball, focus on your shot. May be more appealing to better players for that reason. But there's a big sweet spot, so it's easy to get the ball up in the air. Tight dispersion. Effective. Distinct pitch in its strike, gives a feeling of power."
Handicap, 8.5
"I like the framing line on the perimeter. Makes you feel like you control it more. Felt hard to miss. Definitely a little extra behind it. Definitely will hold greens. Really juicy and very forgiving."
Handicap, 14.3
Club Specs
Models Shaft Shaft Flex Dexterity Price
0211 Left Hand / Right Hand $150.00


Name Loft Length Lie Head (CC) Weight
3 19.00 40.25 58.50
4 22.00 39.75 59.00
5 25.00 39.25 59.50
6 28.00 38.75 60.00

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