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Hot List Gold 2023

Our Review:

WHAT IT DOES: The hybrid is caught in that gray middle zone between fairway wood and long iron and has to decide which swing and trajectory it wants to favor. Unless, of course, it isn’t one but two. The Apex line presents two takes on the hybrid: The standard, larger Apex model is designed to launch the ball high, and the compact and almost iron-like Apex Pro offers a penetrating flight with more speed and a higher launch than the long iron it’s replacing. The highlight in both cases is a wraparound cupface that’s uniquely designed by artificial intelligence with specific variable thicknesses for each model and each loft. A pair of internal bars that angle from crown to sole further direct more spring into these faces. 

WHY WE LIKE IT: The internal weighting is fundamentally different on these two clubs because that’s about how fundamentally different you are from Xander Schauffele. The Apex model houses a huge slab of tungsten toward the back to provide stability on those pesky mis-hits, and the forward weight screw on the Apex Pro keeps your ball flight down and helps the club to be more workable like, say, a 4-iron—you know, that club you can’t hit but Xander can. Read more>>

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Price: Apex, $270; Apex Pro, $270
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Which One's For Me?
The larger Apex has an adjustable hosel to tweak launch angle. Its larger size offers more forgiveness on off-center impacts. Its stock shaft is the 70-gram UST Mamiya Recoil DART.
Apex Pro
The Pro’s smaller profile targets better players with low launch and more spin. The glued-in hosel caters to the flatter lie angles (compared to the more upright lie angles on the standard Apex) that better players prefer. It also gives better players more of the iron-like look that provides an easier transition in their set. Its stock shaft is the slightly heavier 80-gram Mitsubishi MMT.




Look / Sound / Feel


* Percentage of total score

Player Comments
"Like the size of the Apex head, compact. Adjustable head makes it look beefier. Sound and feel inspires confidence off the face, implies power. Can really go after it with this club and not worry about losing the ball. Distance with control makes this a very effective club."
Handicap, 9
"The toe on the Apex Pro seems. high and set back to make it hard to lose it right. Subtle visual trick. Easy to narrow in the results of the swing. Bit of a metalwood feel at impact but able to swing it like an iron. Good distance, even better as a driving iron."
Handicap, 15
"Long, tall face on the Apex. Sits nicely at address. Almost gives you an iron appearance with a lot of forgiveness. As pure as you can hit coming off the face. Nice mid-to-high flight."
Handicap, +4
Club Specs
Models Price
Apex $270
Apex Pro $270


Name Loft Length Dexterity Adjustable
3H 19.00 40.50 No
4H 21.00 40.00 No
5H 24.00 39.50 No
6H 27.00 39.00 No

Apex Pro

Name Loft Length Dexterity Adjustable
2H 18.00 40.50 No
3H 20.00 40.00 No
4H 23.00 39.50 No
5H 26.00 39.00 No

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From the Manufacturer

A high-tech, high-performance hybrid that blends exceptional ball speed with our remarkable new Jailbreak A.I. Velocity Blades. In addition to all that speed, we’ve engineered exceptional ball flight control and adjustability into a stunning players shape for Apex. Apex 21 is a players hybrid featuring compact shaping, control and workability. It’s a perfect option for Tour pros up to low handicap players.