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WHAT IT DOES: Getting the smaller face of a hybrid to flex is like trying to get a 5-foot-6, 50-year-old actuary to reverse dunk. LeBron’s shoes aren’t enough. In the same way, the hybrid’s smaller face makes its trampoline effect much smaller and less effective—unless you do what Cobra has done here. This face features a high-strength steel alloy for extra ball speed along with 15 different thickness areas—or five times as many as before—to help the face deflect more. Finally, and most importantly, the face wraps around the sole, allowing it to hinge better for increased flex on low-face impacts. 

WHY WE LIKE IT: Internal weighting in a hybrid is a problem. When mass is pushed forward to lower the center of gravity, the thicker sole can restrict the way the face flexes. Cobra overcomes this problem with an internal bridge-like structure that is slightly elevated above the face insert that wraps around the sole. The bridge weighs 43 grams with extra weight on the heel and toe side. That kind of heavy deposit of mass lowers the CG and increases stability on off-center strikes. Even cooler: The idea, known as da Vinci’s Bridge, came from a guy named Leonardo in the 1500s who apparently could jump. Read more>>

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Price: Aerojet $280
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Player Comments
"I like the way it has a nice piercing ball flight. More of a distance hybrid that could replace your 3-wood. Very clean at address and frames the ball well. Like the launch off the face with a low start to climb to a mid to high ball flight."
Handicap, 8
"White-black really makes the club pop visually. Really easy to accelerate this club in the downswing. Slices through the grass easily. I love the spring in this face.”
Handicap, 14
"Longer head, but sits really square at address. Very distinct pop to it, but wasn't jarring or unpleasant. High ball flight, you can really move the ball with this club."
Handicap, +4
Club Specs
Models Price
Aerojet $279


Name Loft Length Dexterity Adjustable
2H 17.00 41.50 No
3H 19.00 40.75 No
4H 21.00 40.00 No
5H 24.00 39.25 No
6H 28.00 38.50 No
From the Manufacturer

The Cobra AEROJET is a versatile hybrid designed for 5 to 25 handicaps. The shaping features a deep body design for stability paired with a new, high bounce leading edge that prevents the club from digging for excellent turf interaction.

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