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WHAT IT DOES: At first glance it may seem like Wilson has taken a straightforward approach to hybrid design—high-strength steel-alloy face, ultra-thin lightweight crown and four non-adjustable lofts—but a peek behind the face reveals a good bit of sophisticated thinking. Wilson uses artificial intelligence to help with its design. Computers analyze the face thickness across 17 control points with thousands of permutations to find the perfect thickness for each section of the face. Nearly 100 CPU cores were running simultaneously to get the perfect solution, and the result is a continuously variable-thickness face that maximizes ball speed and minimizes the difference between on-center and off-center strikes. 

WHY WE LIKE IT: Although Wilson’s engineers got their face thickness from high-speed computers, this hybrid’s shape came from high-speed tour players. The good news is that though the design is relatively compact, the internal weighting is deep in the perimeter and low in the sole. This creates a more stable design so that the compact head rates high on the forgiveness scale. You don’t have to be a supercomputer to realize every golfer wants that.  Read more>>

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Price: Dynapower $220
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Look / Sound / Feel


* Percentage of total score

Player Comments
"It delivers the goods across the spectrum. Easy through the turf and to launch. Ideal ball path and flight. Face really grabs the ball and launches it out. Mishits didn't hurt up my hands, still felt like consistent contact. Surprising distance."
Handicap, 8
"Nice bold black and red color scheme. Like how the design on crown fades into solid. Felt squishy on contact. More of a pillow but still with very good distance. High trajectory but not losing anything in flight. The perfect landing trajectory."
Handicap, 14
"Clean, no offset. You can work this, despite it being a hybrid. High pitch on the sound, but not too bad. Pleasant feel coming off the face. High ball flight. Nice soft landing, still gave pretty respectable distance."
Handicap, +4
Club Specs
Models Price
Dynapwr $220


Name Loft Length Dexterity Adjustable
3 19.00 40.75 No
4 22.00 40.25 No
5 25.00 39.75 No
6 28.00 39.25 No

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