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WHAT IT DOES: Evnroll continues to expand the way its V-Series putters transform to fit different players and strokes. Its interchangeable system of six shaft-hosel options aligns with player sight and stroke preferences. In addition, heel and toe weights in the sole bolster stability on off-center hits. The company’s grips even contribute to individual tastes, including the Midlock that makes the transition to an armlock stroke as automatic as four-foot putts will feel. 

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Evnroll grooves remain the most interesting in the game. Because of their spacing and variable width, these grooves do the common job of making ball speed more consistent across the face. At the same time, the pattern creates a V-shape that redirects mis-hits back toward the target line. Read more>>

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Price: EV2 $420
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Which One's For Me?
EV2 Satin
This slightly wider heel-toe weighted cavity blade with heel and toe sole weights for extra forgiveness is offered with six neck/hosel options to fit a variety of stroke types.
EV2 Black
A black version of the EV2, including a blacked out shaft.




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Player Comments
"I like how simplistic the design is. Nothing extraneous design elements clogging up my vision at address. It felt like the ball was rolling off the face immediately, no skid at all. I really liked the interaction of the face with the ball. It made the ball feel mushy almost." Very easy to make the short putts, and distance control was intuitive.
Handicap, 15
“I love how stable this is in the stroke for a blade. The heel-toe weighting produces a clean, efficient motion. No wasted energy.”
Handicap, 15
"The weight is beautiful and sits behind the ball well. Black shaft with black face is a winner. Seems like it would be better on faster greens, but overall the roll is sweet. Easy to put a good stroke on the ball with it."
Handicap, 1
Club Specs
Models Lofts Head Weights Lengths Custom Lengths Available? Dexterity Neck Price
EV2 Satin 340-380 33", 34", 35" +special order No Right Hand Inline/Short/Mid/Long Slant, Short/Long Plumber $420
EV2 Black 340-380 33", 34", 35" +special order No Right Hand Inline/Short/Mid/Long Slant, Short/Long Plumber $420

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