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WHAT IT DOES: L.A.B. Golf’s putters have always had a weighting system that balances the natural torque of the head and shaft to ensure the face angle stays square to the lie angle. This reduces or even eliminates the way the hands have to fight with the putter to get the face back to square. However, its putters, like the Directed Force or Mezz.1, were visually, um, non-traditional. The Link.1 changes this with a heel-toe weighted blade shape similar to the iconic Anser and maintains the company’s stroke-enhancing technology. 

WHY WE LIKE IT: Another reason this might be the best L.A.B. Golf putter ever is weighting that eschews the bulky original grip to let golfers use any type of putter grip they want.

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Price: Link.1 $500
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LAB Golf Link 1_BladePutter_Hero.jpg
Which One's For Me?
The heel-toe weighted Anser-style blade shape maintains the lie-angle balanced philosophy by inserting the shaft within the head's central cavity. On the custom side, the Link.1 can accommodate lie angles that range from 65 to 75 degrees. The standard model will be offered at 69 degrees, the most popular lie angle for previous L.A.B. golf orders, with lengths ranging from 33 to 35 inches.




Look / Sound / Feel


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Player Comments
"This is the ugly duckling turned swan when you're on the green. Looks awkward but performs well. The recoil and balance in the head is superb. Doesn't matter where you hit it on the face, it comes off pure and is racing to find the cup."
Handicap, +4
"No question it's a different look with the shaft and the weights. But it was a very soft, receptive putter at impact. Very good distance control. So smooth all the way through the stroke. Super efficient stroke control, no wasted motion, like it putted the ball itself."
Handicap, 14
"From look standpoint not something I'd normally pick up, but I'm glad I was required to do do. This had such great feel with great feedback. Puts a great roll on the ball."
Handicap, 6
Club Specs
Models Lofts Head Weights Lengths Custom Lengths Available? Dexterity Neck Price
Link.1 320-380 grams 33", 34", 35" +special order No Left Hand / Right Hand Attached to near-center of club $469

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