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WHAT IT DOES: Use of Bettinardi putters on the PGA Tour is well established, including Matt Fitzpatrick’s win at last year’s U.S. Open, and this line is Bettinardi’s most tour-inspired collection yet. The two heel-toe weighted blades include plumber’s neck and face-balanced models, but Bob Bettinardi’s work with tour players isn’t implemented on a whim. Rather, extensive computer modeling details how visual tweaks can be incorporated and still be precisely milled while maintaining the ideal center of gravity for optimal roll. 

WHY WE LIKE IT: Speaking of how putts matriculate to the hole, these faces use asymmetrically spaced grooves to impart forward spin that reduces the backspin at the launch of a putt, helping to get the ball rolling more quickly. Read more>>

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Price: Studio Stock $450
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Bettinardi SS14_BladePutter_Hero.jpg
Which One's For Me?
A traditional heel-toe weighted cavity blade, the 9 is a more angular model with a slightly wider flange. It is offered in a plumber's neck and a short spud neck. Both are designed with a quarter toe hang for slightly arcing strokes.
A more rounded, narrower heel-toe weighted, cavity blade, its plumber's neck creates a half toe hang for straight to slightly less arcing strokes than the SS 9.




Look / Sound / Feel


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Player Comments
"It has the perfect sound off the face. I could get that hugging roll I like. The grip is a work of art. Makes you feel connected to the putter."
Handicap, 0
“This is what you want a blade to look like—perfect shape, angles and size from front to back. Soft off the face and rolls consistently. Easy to align.”
Handicap, 9
"Clean, simple look at address. From in front, beautiful contrast between the scoring lines and hitting area between the heel and the toe. I like the lines are distinctive. Sound and feel was firm. Really promotes a smoother stroke with the feedback. I really like the forward roll off the face. I feel like the distance control is second nature."
Handicap, 15
Club Specs
Models Lofts Head Weights Lengths Custom Lengths Available? Dexterity Neck Price
9 358 33", 33.5", 34", 34.5", STD = 35" No Right Hand Plumbers, Spud $450
14 358 33", 33.5", 34", 34.5", STD = 35" No Right Hand Plumbers $450

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