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WHAT IT DOES: Putter wizard David Edel has been making the case that the problems some of us encounter in putting aren’t as much our strokes as how typical putter designs get in the way of those strokes. By removing weight from the toe, he argues, these designs create less resistance to how we control the face angle in the stroke. As Edel says, “Whether you’re a straight-back, straight-through putter or an arc putter, the face on this putter mimics the path.” The three neck options are intended to match visual preferences and stroke types to further simplify your putting. 

WHY WE LIKE IT: Edel offers a holistic masterclass in rethinking putters, but his approach does have its limits. For instance, his fitting matrix taps out at about 80,000 possibilities. Read more>>

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Price: 1.0 $450, 2.0 $450, 1.5 $450
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Which One's For Me?
A traditional heel-toe weighted, cavity blade, it features more parallel shaping and a straight-in, no-offset shaft. The idea is those lines will help those who tend to aim right to aim more left.
The curved, slight cut-out in the flange's back edge is designed to help players focus more on the middle of the putter for better aiming. This neutral approach should resonate with most golfers.
A traditional heel-toe weighted, cavity blade shape with a plumber’s neck hosel, its weighting keeps the putter face-balanced for more straight-back, straight-through type of strokes.




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Player Comments
"Feels so natural in how it releases through the ball. The weighting seems to be helping you, like an extension of your arms. Like a more natural motion. Really gets the ball rolling cleanly. Soft but responsive. The square alignment with the circular ball was effective. Round wrap grip was very effective."
Handicap, 15
"It's a blade putter that feels like it's got a little bit of meat on it. The heavier head makes it easy to hit your line. Good distance control. Puts a great roll on the ball."
Handicap, 6
“Feels soft and forgiving. The circle grip helps with control: It’s easy to swing this back to square. I like the subtle alignment line, too.”
Handicap, 14
Club Specs
Models Lofts Head Weights Lengths Custom Lengths Available? Dexterity Neck Price
1.0 340-360 (in 5 gram increments) 33" - 36" (half inch increments) No Right Hand Forward Set, Non Offset, Back Set $450
2.0 340-360 (in 5 gram increments) 33" - 36" (half inch increments) No Right Hand Forward Set, Non Offset, Back Set $450
1.5 340-360 (in 5 gram increments) 33"-36" (half inch increments) No Right Hand Plumbers Neck $450

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