AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am

Pebble Beach, Spyglass Hill, MPCC (Shore)


Sugar Daddy 0311


Our Review:

The Sugar Daddy is a modern-looking wedge that will win over any traditionalist with its performance. Weighting high in the toe raises the center of gravity and moves it closer to the center of the head, increasing spin and giving the club versatility on pitch and open-face shots. A proprietary weighting system, featuring lightweight titanium and heavier tungsten weights, optimizes the club’s stability on off-center hits. The club is CNC milled, a process that improves groove performance—delivering high spin and increased control—but ensures all design and aesthetic elements are made exactly the way the product was drawn up. Multiple soles are offered in the higher lofts: a versatile sole designed to perform in all types of conditions and a narrow sole for tighter lies.

Price: $650
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Player Comments
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    Oodles of spin with no extra effort. The heft makes your swing feel soft but powerful. Strong, clear sound on all hits.

  • high

    Oodles of spin with no effort. The club head weight makes the swing soft and powerful. Can stick shots with ease.

Club Specs


10 options (50 to 64 degrees); 2 sole grinds

Club Specs

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