AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am

Pebble Beach, Spyglass Hill, MPCC (Shore)


RTX ZipCore


Our Review:

The RTX ZipCore might look like a classic wedge, but under the hood it’s as modern as it gets. Instead of a traditional one-piece construction, the ZipCore features a new low-density material inside the lower hosel, neck and sole area that is four times lighter than the steel it replaces. This engineering allows for weight to be saved so that the center of gravity can be repositioned more in line with the sweet spot—50 percent closer compared to earlier RTX wedges. This also ensures the head rotates less on high and low misses. That stability means you can count on your shots coming off with consistent distance and spin. Finally, the new grooves are not only sharper and deeper, there are two more of them this year to catch the ball at impact, grab the cover and generate the spin you desire. Read More >>

Price: $150
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Player Comments
  • low

    Perfect size, easy to open up and great turf interaction. Lots of spin, gives you the confidence to go at the pin.

  • mid

    Very forgiving around the green and super accurate in the sand. I got spin from short distances and my sand shots stopped on a dime.

Club Specs


16 options (46 to 62 degrees); 3 sole grinds; 3 finishes

Club Specs

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