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If feel is vital to your short game, Mizuno believes its new forging process answers that call. The goal is to concentrate the grain structure in the heart of the impact area for direct feedback where you hit it most. For those seeking more spin, Mizuno has an answer for that, too. Much like the tread pattern on tires, the subtle vertical texture of the face aims to increase friction in dry conditions and channel moisture upward and away from the face when it’s wet. Mizuno’s loft-specific groove design—narrow and deep in the stronger lofts, wider and shallow in the weaker lofts—matches groove shape to the typical shots played by each loft. There’s also an extra groove low for better grab on partial shots, and weight placed high within a tapered-blade shape promotes spin and stability on off-center hits. Read More >>

Price: $150
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    Good weight. You can really feel the head throughout your pitches and sand shots. Easy to open up the face on tight lies.

  • mid

    Great feeling club, really gives you confidence around the greens.

Club Specs


9 options (46 to 60 degrees); 3 sole grinds; 3 finishes

Club Specs

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