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The MD5’s primary objective is providing more spin on those partial shots closer to the green. Callaway designers believe that a key to spin is making the groove edges come in direct contact with the ball at impact. So rather than traditional vertical-groove walls, the grooves on the higher lofts feature walls that angle away from the base, not only exposing the edges for better grab but also allowing a more aggressive edge under USGA rules. Milled ridges between the grooves also help with spin. A new low-bounce version added to the company’s wide-sole option provides heel relief for the higher-lofted wedges. The MD5’s head shape progresses from a more traditional shape in the high lofts to a compact design in the lower lofts for a seamless transition into the short irons. Read More >>

Price: $160
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    Super versatile, gave me confidence in the sand, fairway and rough. Forgives those chunkier moves, too.

  • low

    Attractive look, and very good from the sand.

Club Specs


23 options (46 to 64 degrees); 5 sole grinds; 3 finishes

Club Specs

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