Farmers Insurance Open

Torrey Pines (South and North)


X Forged CB


Our Review:

The X Forged CB is perhaps the most ambitious iron design Callaway has attempted in recent years—a multimaterial forged construction in a players shape. The key to the design was eliminating tip-plug weighting in the hosel (in which weight is inserted into the tip end of the shaft to achieve a specific swingweight). Better players need the swingweight to be precise, but there are more efficient means to do so. In the back cavity, a large weight slug (not adjustable by consumers) is screwed into place to get the swingweight correct. This also has the benefit of placing additional mass behind the hitting area. More heft translates into additional ball speed. The weight is available in 12, 17 or 21 grams to provide consumers with the option of a light, standard or heavy clubhead. These are the subtle distinctions players drawn to irons in this category appreciate. Even the iron’s stock shaft (Project X IO) gets the details right: The IO stands for “individually optimized” for each iron in the set. For players who play graphite shafts, Mitsubishi’s MMT features metal mesh in the tip for increased stability. Finally, Golf Pride’s Z Grip completes the stock offering for this iron. Read more >>

Price: $200/per iron
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Player Comments
  • low

    These line up perfectly at address like a blade should. The feel is pure. Even when you don’t put a perfect swing on it, you feel like you can control the shot.

  • low

    I didn't have to try hard to hit these well. The clubs seemed to synch up very well with my swing and the clubhead isn't too big.

  • mid

    The performance and ease of hitting the ball is first-rate. Extremely easy to get good turf interaction.

Club Specs


7-iron: 33 degrees; PW: 45 degrees

Club Specs

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