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Miura irons have a cult-like following among better players who have flocked to its forged blades in recent years. The loyalty is not without good reason. Company founder Katsuhiro Miura earned the nickname “the hands of God” for his relentless pursuit of perfection in hand-crafted irons. Now, five years in the making, these irons are an expansion from Miura’s one-piece forged models. The TC-201 is a carbon-steel forged cavity-back iron in a classic shape that can be played by a fairly wide swath of golfers because of its forgiveness elements. The TC-201 was designed and forged in the company’s Himeji, Japan, factory, and is inspired by the company’s best-selling iron in Japan. Features include a shallow cavity, sharp topline and minimal offset for a blade-like appearance at address. The long irons have a little extra weighting in the toe and heel for more forgiveness. A lower center of gravity also promotes a higher ball flight. A slightly higher CG in the short irons fosters a lower, more controlled trajectory on the scoring shots. Weight is pushed to the heel and toe areas here, too, for help with mis-hits. The traditional lofts (46 degrees on the pitching wedge) are something better players can appreciate. Read more >>

Price: $300/per iron
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    Reminds me of an old-school blade. A classic forged feel with good feedback. Not a destructive loss of distance on mis-hits, either, which was nice.

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    The look at address is so good that I already feel confident I'm going to hit a good shot.

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    In short, one of the best irons I've hit. Incredibly smooth feel at impact.

Club Specs


7-iron: 33 degrees; PW: 46 degrees

Club Specs

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